English spoken : Systran relieves Verlan


Cyberladies and Webgentlemen, netwriters, virtual collagists and also real cat lovers, Verlan deeply regrets having to tell you that he will not maintain his loggi@ in two different languages. As for now, the original version is in french, and the translation into english will be freely assumed by Systran (AltaVista Translation).

How does it work? The loggi@ is divided in three major chapters (the collagery, the verlaneries, the cartouchery). On the first page of these chapters, you will find down below a button which invites you to click for translating. Just click, and Systran® will propose its translation. Then, you may travel around while using the translation function. When you'll be over, use the back button of your browser to come back to the original version. Verlan (thanks to Systran!) wish you a nice trip. Enjoy!

The collagery

The verlaneries

The cartouchery


La loggi@